Legal QB is the game changer in finding a lawyer and accessing legal services you need efficiently and affordably.

Allows you to calculate maintenance and child support accurately, and create and print child support and maintenance worksheets for your case.

Colorado Support Calculator

Will allow you to calculate arrears plus interest owed on missed child support and maintenance payments in accordance with Colorado law.

Support Arrears Calculator

Nationwide Attorney Finder

Is designed to allow you to generate a list of attorneys that match your budget, fit your needs and allow you to proceed with the confidence you deserve when entering in a legal battle, knowing you vetted the attorney to best represent your interests. Legal QB offers you a lot of control over what criteria you seek and presents you with the best options available, such as searching based on political affiliation, and understanding of your specific demographic needs. 

Will allow you to select the court forms you need simply by selecting the type of case (such as Divorce or Modification of Custody). Rather than download forms individually from the Court’s website, Legal QB will allow you to fill in your information one time, which will pre-fill all the fields on all forms with that information, saving you time and costs.

Colorado Forms Generator

Complete your profile and generate an editable sworn financial statement and related forms to submit to the court. This form will be exactly the same as the court form but more easily editable, prefill information so you don’t have to duplicate entries and allow you to save several versions for yourself.

Sworn Financial Statement


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